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The PROGRAM H.F. US series of microprocessor controlled generators has been specifically developed for digital X-ray imaging.

Basic configuration always includes conventional radio diagnostic, remote control or conventional RF tables as well as angiographer installations on the same easy-to-use control console.

Automatic dose control for fluoroscopy and cine-cardiac technique is real time kV adjustment.

Also available as standard feature a digital high contrast pulse Fluoroscopy sequential exposure rate at up to 60 frame per second.



  • Y2K Compliant microprocessors controlled X-ray generator.

  • Multi language support, including Italian, English, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese,Hungarian.

  • Touch sensitive button keyboard with quick response.

  • Selection of 5 work stations.

  • X-ray tubes available: 1 standard, up to 3 as option.

  • Tube calibration library accessible in generator software, with non standard tube calibration facility on site.

  • Normal/High speed drive for all regular stators.

  • Self-check on tube emission variations in the short and long period:

  • Closed loop kV stabilization

  • Closed loop mA stabilization

  • Dynamic tube calibration (update on every exposure).

  • Indication of actual exposure time and mAs when using the Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) or during digital spot.

  • Free selection of radiography parameters (mA - kV - Time).

  • Indication of the total, cumulated and residual anode heat units.

  • Advanced diagnostic and error message dumping.

  • Service hosting on control console or personal computer.


  • Manual and Automatic Fluoroscopy.


  • Pulse fluoroscopy (manual or automatic High Contrast Fluoro) up to 100 mA.

  • Intermittent fluoroscopy (manual or automatic) for orthopedic use.


  • CINE-CARDIAC radiography mode (Ultra High Contrast) up to 600 mA with automatic kV adjustment.

  • ANGIOGRAPHIC radiography mode (High Stability in DSA) .

  • Zero Point Technique with Automatic Parameters Transfer.

  • Closed loop kV adjustment during tomography.

  • kV stepping adjustment with PUCK operation.


  • User Mode:

  • Programmed Anatomical (with or without Automatic Exposure Control)

  • Free (with or without Automatic Exposure Control)

  • Continuous or Falling load exposures.

  • Visual indication assisted, multi-language, computer driven APR:

  • 7 anatomical level

  • 5 organs per level

  • 5 projection per organ 3 patient size per projection.

  • Possibility of over-riding programmed parameters to suit individual patients without deletion of stored data simply touching a parameter key.