The Beginning
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ODEL begins its activity in 1951 as manufacturer of high power transformers. In 1961 ODEL develops, produces and markets its first X-Ray device, a step-up transformer mounted on a control console, also developed by ODEL in the same period. This device has evolved into the range of radiology devices sold at present. Quality products that meet the strictest industry standards for safety and reliability.

The evolution of the manufacturing process is followed by organizational changes. In 1974 ODEL, until then individually owned, becomes a shareholding company: ODEL S.p.A.

It increases capacity, organizes to meet new technical and customer requirements, and produces new, more specialized and constantly improved units.

ODEL S.p.A. stays on the market caring for customer needs and monitoring the products of competitors. The Company strategy is to improve and innovate its products to satisfy buyers that are more sensitive to technical features and quality/price ratio.

As a result of this strategy, ODEL S.p.A. devices are innovative for three reasons:
1. top technical features,
2. functional and esthetical validity
3. an established market, potentially expanding.

In 45 years of change the Company has maintained technical innovation as basic strategy, and quality as marketing plus. It has created for itself a market niche, small if compared to large manufacturers, but important for customers of small to medium size. ODEL S.p.A. produces a range of quality products, staying away from chain production of average quality.