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ODEL S.p.A. products:

  • respect international standards;

  • are trustworthy, as they are built with quality components;

  • are easy to install and service.

The most recent product line includes - PROGRAM H.F. US - .

PROGRAM H.F. US series of X-Ray generators offer high frequency devices, featuring state of the art semiconductors, studied for special diagnostic radiology. The configuration includes a console and cabinet that contains the amplifier and the step-up transformer. Its printed inter-changeable circuits assure reliable and inexpensive functioning, and easy maintenance. The 4 units of this line have different power but all share high technical features. The microprocessors control meet the need of traditional radiology, remote control radiology, angiographies and digital imaging.

The ENDEAVOUR series of X-ray Generators has been developed for a wide range of radiographic system.  A multiprocessor system, performing local controls and regulations, linked together by  Controlled Area Network Bus (CANBus), ensures high accuracy and reproducibility of all the radiographic data.    Standard Safeties include special features to optimize the lifetime of the tube such as:
 -  Automatic Calibration adjust in the long terms.
 -  Thermal computer model of X-Ray tube in term of Absolute (kJ) and Relative (%) anode load .

This production line mainly contributed to generate the sales volume that has allowed the Company to grow and are based on internal research and studies performed by professionals dedicated to the satisfaction of customers and technical research.

Next to its own production, ODEL S.p.A. markets purchased electrical medical products (Remote Control Tables, Tomography Tables, Imaging Systems) in order to furnish a complete range of X-Ray devices to those customers who require it. The Company entertains special relations with the suppliers of purchased products to make sure they are compatible with its own and meet customers requirements. The manufacturers of purchased products are Italian suppliers of quality, well tested and reliable electrical medical devices, fully aware of the burden of responsibility that rests on companies that supply the international market.