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To be trustworthy, it is necessary for the Company to maintain its image on the market. To do so ODEL S.p.A. establishes a relationship with its distribution channel in order to give customers an efficient service.

The distribution channel, both in Italy and outside Italy, is the re-sale organizations, which guarantees sales, service and maintenance of the products, while the Company rests responsible for possible technical problems, which may arise especially in the case of devices just presented on the market.

ODEL S.p.A. chose this channel after discarding, as too expensive, the alternative of direct sales and service, which had been adopted previously. Obviously the recruiting of re-sale organizations willing to take full responsibility for the sales and servicing of ODEL S.p.A. products has been made easier by the image of quality and reliability acquired in Italy and on the international markets.

The Italian sales organization has developed from a local small scale in the 60ís to the current much larger coverage. Orders are collected directly from customers, by the re-sale organizations and other companies of the electrical medical industry.

The attention to the image of quality and reliability of ODEL S.p.A. products, which is the only basis for growth, relies on suggestions from the sales organization and their knowledge of the technical advances of the Company. This mutual support has been based on the policy of public relations developed by ODEL S.p.A. management, as in its participation to fairs and important international meetings. This marketing effort, which has drawn many resources, has contributed potently to sales growth in various European countries, Africa, Middle East, Far East and South America.